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Georgia Southern University Office of Career Services 2010 Eagle Expo

Posted in PR Praticum by meshae on April 21, 2010

Before I share my experience at this year’s Eagle Expo, I’d first like to share my true feelings about career fairs as a whole.

What is a career fair? The assumption is that it gives those seeking employment, a chance to speak with prospective employers about opportunities with their respective agencies.

Ya, I’m pretty sure that sums it up nicely.

And as a soon-to-be college graduate, I know and understand the importance of networking and conversation at career fairs. It’s not unheard of that one can get hired on the spot at a career fair. Unfortunately, as a PR major, I must dig deep to find the public relations opportunities at agencies. Having that challenge; however, has given me a lot of practice in networking and marketing myself.

Almost every company needs a PR person in some form. So, here’s a PSA to my fellow PR people.

Attention PR PEOPLE! Don’t walk into a job/career fair expecting your dream job to fall out the sky. As usual, you must work to find where you’ll fit. Ask questions. Market yourself. Be bold.

I must admit I never get my hopes up at career fairs. Most often, I leave without any real connections to possible career ventures. That’s not to say that I don’t attempt to network or mingle with the employers. It’s just that as a Public Relations major with hopes of working in professional sport public relations, the pickings and direct connections are slim.

This year’s career fair; however surprised me and I left pretty excited with what I had done. Coincidentally, I happened to stop at the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce table and meet “Ashley.” Ashley’s husband has worked for the Jacksonville Jaguars for over five years and is working his way up through the ranks. I explained to Ashley my career goals and the conversation took off from there. She took a copy of my resume’ and also gave me a few websites to check out.

I visited several other tables as well, including, the Social Security Administration table and the Target table. The most important thing I learned at the Expo is to never sell your self short. Just because a career fair seems like it won’t have anything for you, it never hurts to mingle and network. I left with the motivation to continue my grad school and internship search.

Events like Eagle Expo make me truly appreciate Georgia Southern and all the things I’ve experienced as a student here.


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  1. Hey Meshae 🙂 Good job on this one. I was definitely thinking about using that same exact picture for my careet expo blog. The PSA is definitely true. Alot of people I know get discouraged because they think they don’t have a chance at getting a job at a career fair. The best thing about careers fairs, in general, is the ability to how the company reps present there company. People tend to forget that companies are lobbying for new and exciting employees just like we as graduates are looking for a new and exciting careers. Companies really plan hard for career fair presentations and they just want to get the cream of the crop so if you don’t put your best foot foward you won’t reap the benifits that the company can give you and honestly I don’t blame them.

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