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Week 8: T.O.W.- How to make your Business POP with PODcasting!

Posted in Social Media by meshae on March 6, 2010

I must admit that until recently, I had no idea what podcasting was.

So for those of you who are/were like me, allow me to explain…

A podcast is basically a group of digital files that can either be downloaded or streamed from the web. They can be video or audio.

One of the coolest things about podcasts is how accessible they are. Not only can you find and watch them via the Internet, you can also download them and watch or listen to them anytime you want on your PC, laptop, smart phones and even your iPod.

From a business perspective, podcasts are simple, easy outlets for FREE advertisement. Wait! Did I mention that they are FREE?

That means your business could record a message to your clients/customers for no immediate cost. Podcasts allow you to basically say whatever you want for however long you want.

From a PR perspective, I suggest being consistent and starting a series. Plan a time each week that your business will air a podcast. It could be about new campaigns, products or philanthropies that the business wants to promote. A podcast series promotes your business as well as brand loyalty. Your customers will eventually look forward to your podcasts.

Another cool thing about podcasts is that they can work for large business as well as small ones. Owning a business can be somewhat dehumanizing, but podcasts allow you as a business owner to reach your customers in a more “down-to-earth” way. Podcasts are  a way to reach your publics on a different level. And with “podcatching” technologies, like iTunes, your customers can subscribe to your podcasts and “catch” them whenever they want.

If you’re looking to start utilizing podcasts in your business, check out this short video from PodGrunt:


Good luck and happy “casting”!


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  1. Hey Meshae – I really have no idea what a podcast is. I’ve heard of them and I’ve even thought about trying to watch one or figure out how they work, but I’ve never gotten around to it. However, thanks to your blog post, I now have a much better idea. You explained the basics of a podcast in a clear and concise manner and that is exactly how I like my explanations. I also never knew that podcasts could be so great for a business. I think it would be a great idea for a company to create a podcast describing an upcoming campaign or product launch. It’s also really cool that “fans” of companies can sign up for “podcatching” and watch podcasts at their convenience. That seems like such a great way to build brand loyalty. Thanks for the explanation and I will definitely check out some podcasts now!

  2. mbutle said,

    I like how your blog is written in a conversational format, it makes for an easy read. Before doing a podcast I was a lot like you I knew little about podcasting either. It is a free tool as you described above, so I am sure I will be using the tool a lot more after this. They are a great PR tool, you do not have to be well trained to make a podcast. Instead you have to have an educated voice and know how to make somewhat sensible audio recording. Thats it!

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