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Week 2: T.O.W.-The Haitian Disaster from a PR point of view

Posted in Assignments,Social Media by meshae on February 9, 2010

On January 12, 2010, the world was taken by storm as one of its poorest countries suffered what many would consider one of the worst disasters in history. After almost two weeks, the Haitian disaster continues to make headlines in newspapers and breaking news on television. In some way or another, we’ve all witnessed the countless efforts of humanity to run to the rescue of the Haitian people.

The American Red Cross, known for its international philanthropic work, was quick to use social media to rally support for their efforts in the Haitian disaster.

By sending a quick text message, supporters all over the world could donate to the Red Cross’s Haiti Relief Fund. Long gone are the days of collection buckets. Shortly after the news hit the airwaves, large amounts of money were already being collected.

Not only were text messages used, but social networks were also. Sites like Twitter allowed account holders to add “twibbons” to their avatars, commemorating the lives of those killed in the earthquake.

As a society, we were able to see the true power of social media through this disaster. I, myself, was able to get complete coverage on what was going on and how to get involved through Twitter.

With social media, the world became one big “family” of sorts and was able to aid those in need. As a communications professional, I am proud to see the positive side of social media finally unveiled on a global level.


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