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Social Media and the JOB SEARCH

Posted in PR Praticum by meshae on February 8, 2010

Ever been asked by an interviewer whether your FaceBook, MySpace or Twitter accounts were reflective of a potential employee?

Well, I have.

Social media and its utilization is a growing practice in the employment world. Weaning out the “not-so-good” has become a much easier process and now only takes a few clicks.

From spring break to happy hour, employers can see into the lives of job applicants with little to no effort. I am not saying that employers look for “perfect angels,” but there is a certain level of professionalism and responsibility needed when using social media.

Those pictures of you and all your fraternity brothers drinking may not be the best representation of how socially responsible you are. And that photo shoot your friends had with your camera that highlighted your “passing out” may not be a good reflection of your work ethic.

When using social media networks, you must remember that ANYONE ANYWHERE has the potential to view what you post.  Employers use your social network accounts to see you in more social, relaxed environments. They don’t want to see you spending every moment of your free time in the bar.

However, every story has two sides and there are benefits to being involved in social media prior to entering the job market.

I’d even go as far as to say that he benefits of being involved in social media outweigh the pitfalls.

For starters, having a presence in social media can be a way you show employers your “human” side. So often, we lay so much pressure on ourselves to be professional that we forget to live. Employers want well-rounded, versatile employees. Live life, but do so responsibly.

Use social networks, like Twitter and LinkedIn, to show how passionate you are about the career you plan to pursue. These networks allow you to connect to so many different people and promote yourself. Use them to your advantage.


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