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Reflections of a PR student…THANKS GSU.

Posted in PR Publications by meshae on November 30, 2009

Throughout the semester, I’ve learned so much. I’ve also received a lot of hands-on experience. From the representation of clients to the production of professional publications, I’ve been able to finally use all the things I’ve learned.

I must admit that when I switched my major to Public Relations initially, I had NO IDEA what I was going to do with a PR degree. Fortunately, after months of prayer, research and even a little soul-searching, I was able to pinpoint what it is I want to do.

After speaking with many of my classmates; however I was never alone in my uneasiness. Because PR is such an open field, it is hard to focus on one thing you want to do. Luckily, my tenure at Georgia Southern has shown me that the possibilities in PR are unlimited and that you can truly go ANYWHERE with a degree in PR.

So as this 2009 holiday season commences, I must express how thankful I am for all my PR professors and their guidance(or at times lack thereof) because I have grown so much. My excitement and love for this field continue to grow.


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