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It’s not so bad after all…

Posted in PR Publications by meshae on November 30, 2009

For my PR Publications class, we were given the task of choosing a client and then designing publications for them.

I was really unsure what type of organization I wanted to represent. I thought about everything. What about representing my chapter of my sorority? Nah, I don’t think so. What if I represented my roommate’s off-campus organization? That wouldn’t work. She’s always busy.

And then it hit me. I could represent my dad’s small business. After all, he could use the extra help. So after a small discussion with my dad and his best friend(co-owner), I chose Big Oak Barbecue as my client for the semester.

In the restaurant’s three years of business, the only real publications it had were business cards and menus. My dad seriously needed my help. I honestly, didn’t know where to begin, but my PR and marketing courses offered some guidance.

Because I have some marketing experience I was able to help my dad figure out a game plan. First, we sat down and discussed what it was he wanted his patrons to know about his business. Big Oak Barbecue was an idea my dad and his best friend got after winning a grilling competition in my hometown. From there, the idea took off and in October of 2006, the restaurant opened.

My dad wants his customers to know that Big Oak Barbecue isn’t some fancy, gourmet establishment. Instead, it’s a small town, old-fashioned restaurant where everyone is welcome. My dad didn’t realize it then, but he had already completed the first step toward Big Oak recognition. He had single-handedly established the culture of the business, which is important in marketing a client.

Since then, I’ve been able to help my dad do several other things, like interior decorations, exterior signage and brochures. Overall, representing my dad and Big Oak has been a blast. In choosing Big Oak, I have learned a lot about business, the food service industry and what works when targeting a specific group.

I guess you could say representing family isn’t so bad after all.


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