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Let’s Talk Images: The Language of the Image

Posted in PR Publications by meshae on October 26, 2009

There’s an old saying that pictures are worth 1000 words. Well the “Language of the Image” module I completed for my PR publications class showed just that.

The module made available through News University (newsu.org), really took an in-depth look into photographs/ images and how they affect the readers and viewers that see them.

Informational, passive and active are the 3 types of photographs outlined in the module. A photo fits into one of these three categories according to certain characteristics it may possess. Some of those characteristics include, emotion, sense of place, point of entry surprise and moment. For example, a photo of a father walking his daughter down the aisle may be one filled with emotion. Another characteristic, point of entry, is based on the angle from which the photographer decides to take the picture.

There is a lot to be learned about choosing images that are news-worthy, informative and complementary to your publication. As PR professionals, we must be knowledgeable about images because they play a big part in the effectiveness of our work.

Because News University allows you to set up an account and view this module whenever you want, I will definitely be visiting it more often. It provides great insight and really help you improve not only your picture-taking skills, picture-choosing skills as well.


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