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Who cares about the PUBLIC?

Posted in PR Publications by meshae on September 21, 2009

In my PR Publications class, Professor Nixon divided us up into work groups. The objective of each group is to discuss a characteristic by which “publics” are segmented.

Now you may be thinking, what exactly is a “public?” I like to say a public is the “bull’s eye” on a PR professional’s dartboard.

As PR professionals, we have to determine which publics our organizations are targeting. Target publics, according to Morton’s Strategic Publications, refer to specific groups of people that you need to reach with a specific message about your organization. The most obvious reason for segmenting publics involves the use of resources.

Organizations segment their publics to save their resources. If a particular group of people are not affected by an organization’s operations, then there is no need to try and reach them.

By segmenting publics, an organization can be sure that their publications reach their target. An organization’s publications should cater to a specific group. As we all know, an ad that appeals to an 18 year-old may not be successful for reaching an 80 year-old.

So the question of the hour is, who cares about the public?

PR practitioners and the organizations they work for do.

Without establishing a target public, an organization can not establish a consistent, effective marketing plan.


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