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You dunno CRAP!

Posted in PR Publications by meshae on September 14, 2009

I will never forget the day I walked into my INTRO to PR class and my professor, Barbara Nixon, said we’d be talking about CRAP!

That was months ago, but I realized that day, that CRAP was not going to go away. As a matter of fact, I had been using it for years. I’ve used CRAP in yearbook design, newspaper design, ad design and a host of other publications. Now that I’m in Professor Nixon’s PR Publications class, CRAP is BACK!

C.R.A.P., which stands for contrast, repetition, alignment and priximity, is a tool used to bring attention to what’s important in a publication. CRAP combines all the above aspects of design to make sure you understand a publication and focus on its purpose.

Contrast is important in design because it highlights the important things and mutes the not-so-important things in a publication. The next element, repetition, creates a sense of togetherness for your publication. Repeating certain elements in a publication adds uniformity to it. The third element, alignment, makes the publication easy on the eyes. Alignment “connects the dots” for you to grasp the whole concept of the publication. Lastly, proximity groups the elements that belong together and separates those that don’t.

When executed well, CRAP delivers a visually-stimulating, audience pleasing product.


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