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Reflections of a PR Student…chapter.eight

Posted in Assignments,Uncategorized by meshae on May 4, 2009

In chapter eight of my Intro to Public Relations book, the final step in the public relations process is discussed.

Evaluation is the final step in executing a PR campaign. In the evaluation stage, the results of the campaign are compared to the established objectives set in the planning stage.

According to my Intro to PR book, the evaluation stage is implemented because of a desire to do a better job next time. Any respectable establishment should strive to improve its customer satisfaction and overall performance. By making an evaluation of what was done and how, PR agency’s can find out what works and what doesn’t.

In order to complete an evaluation, there must be a set of objectives from the beginning. Also, those  must be measurable.

There are several different ways to evaluate an agency’s performance, including measurements of the message exposure, audience awareness, audience action, and audience attitudes. Another way to evaluate performance is through the measurement of supplemental activities.

The books states that 4 or 5 percent of a typical public relations budget is allocated to evaluations and measurement. Although seemingly small, this is a very large amount spent on ensuring that the job done is well.


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