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1 Semester Down…A LIFELONG CAREER to Go: The top 10 things I learned in Intro to PR

Posted in Assignments by meshae on April 30, 2009

I remember the first day I walked into my Introduction to Public Relations class. It was only a few short months ago, but it seems like that day was such a long time ago. From Twitter to WordPress to “Wait don’t tell me,” Professor Barbara Nixon took me, a novice in the PR game, and ignited my passion for PUBLIC RELATIONS.

Now as I reflect on all that I’ve learned, I can’t help but think of the top 10 things I learned in PRCA 2330…Introduction to Public Relations.

And the COUNTDOWN begins…

10. One thing I know now for sure is that PR is more than just writing press releases and facilitating press conferences, it has UNLIMITED opportunities that surpass many other careers.

9. As I continue to update my resume’, I can stress less about keeping it all on one page. As long as the material is relevant…go for it!

8. SOCIAL MEDIA is here to stay…Facebook, Linked-In, MySpace, TWITTER…they’re not going anywhere any time soon.

7. Public Relations professionals don’t get paid to “lie.” INTEGRITY and ETHICAL BEHAVIOR go hand-in-hand. We’re held to a standard and should strive to live up to it.

6. To survive in the Public Relations field, you have to be open to change and humble enough to start at the “bottom.” Working your way up will help you gain experience that you’ll need in the long run.

5. EMBARGO in the PR world means releasing a press/news release at the discretion of the news source it is submitted to. In this case, IMMEDIATE RELEASE doesn’t apply. I never knew this.

4. Blogging is actually a lot of fun once you get started. It’s also a great way to network and get your name out among more experienced professionals. And for all my friends that didn’t believe me, BLOG is a VERB!

3. TWITTER is the best thing since Facebook. As a matter of fact, I like to think of it as a FB chat for a more “mature” audience. I was not a fan of it at first.

2. To be a PR professional, you can’t just be a talker, you have to be a listener too! Your client needs you to promote their name, product, etc., but you have to know their name, product, etc. first.

1. And FINALLY, I learned that Public Relations is the gateway to many other professions. WIth my degree, I can work practically anywhere.

Thank you Professor Nixon for confirming that Public Relations really is the BEST major ever!

Though the class has come to an end, my life as a pre-PR professional has just begun.

1 Semester DOWN…a Lifelong Career to GO!!!


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  1. John Q. said,

    Wow…I learned more from your blog than I did from the book!!! No but seriously, it’s nice to see the knowledge that was gained during the course of this semester from another’s point of view. I would say that the thing that I learned the most from this class that I will carry with me into my career and my career ideas is the idea that social media is going to be with us and is revolutionizing our field. In order to be successful, we have to embrace what is the future of not just PR but every field. This class was quite impactful because it taught us how to take concepts that most of us were unfamiliar with, and make them work for us. That’s cool!

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