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Reflections of a PR Student..chapter.three

Posted in Assignments by meshae on April 7, 2009

Chapter 3 of my intro to p.r. book discusses ethics and professionalism in the P.R. world. As a Public Relations professional, it is important to “do the right thing.” Ethics has always been a touchy subject, especially when it comes to matters of media. The chapter discusses ethical advocacy and organizations that support ethical practices, such as PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) and IABC (International Association of Business Communicators). These organizations promote ethical values and encourage its members to remain professional. In fact, the IABC supports 3 essential principles:

  • Professional communication is legal.
  • Professional communication is ethical.
  • Professional communication is in good taste.

At first glance, these 3 principles seemed “common practice” to me, but as my knowledge of the PR profession grows, I know not everyone adheres to them. The PR realm grows, more and more content jeopardize its “purity.” As I continue to learn about the profession, I strive to make ethical decisions.


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  1. prswooz said,

    How can things ever be ethical when people have so many different opinions for so many different reasons? The political parties of this country have such conflicting views and these are our leaders, leading by example can be very confusing if we stand back and want to be ethical about things…what’s ethical and whats not?
    I’m all for the choice to have euthanasia under the right circumstances but so many people aren’t…I believe it’s your choice, an animal has no say for obvious reasons but when a human has the oppoortunity it hasn’t always been available.
    I’m for abortions, as I believe women should have the option, who knows what the circumstances may be?? However how many people are against it as it’s a life thats being created, a life that’s not being given an equal chance.
    I guess it depends upon your beliefs and if you’re ever in a compromising position I think it will depend on how strong your feelings are.

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