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Reflections of a PR student…chapter.four

Posted in Assignments,Uncategorized by meshae on April 7, 2009

Chapter 4 of my intro to PR book discusses PR departments and firms. As I learned, in reading the chapter, a PR department can be known by many different names, including corporate relations, marketing and corporate affairs, investor relations, public affairs, marketing communications, community relations, public information, and marketing services. I can remember a few months back, randomly searching for jobs in the industry and coming across several of these terms. I actually overlooked several of the jobs because I didn’t realize they related so closely to PR.

PR firms and departments come in all different sizes and structures. Some small. Some complex.

The chapter discusses the new trend of outsourcing that has flooded the industry. Many organizations has resorted to outsourcing their communicative procedures to PR firms. Before choosing to use a PR firm, companies should weight the advantages and disadvantages of using one.

Chapter concludes with the services provided by PR firms, including media analysis, crisis communication, events management, public affairs and research and evaluation. It is important to realize that PR firms serve different purposes, depending on the needs of the client.


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