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Public Relations…where’d it come from?

Posted in Uncategorized by meshae on February 3, 2009

So in Professor Nixon’s class today, we did this pretty cool activity about the history of Public Relations. Honestly, I didn’t come to Georgia Southern wanting to be a PR major. I actually started out as a broadcasting major. Luckily I found my niche with PR and have loved it ever since.

Today’s discussion taught me so much and I’ve actually begun to think about things in a totally different way. Things that I thought never had anything to do with PR actually do. It was really cool to see the origin of this practice I’ve come to love. For example, never did I think the colonization of the United States could have been induced by primitive public relations in the form of promotion. Or that Julius Caesar was the first politician to publish a book.

Now I feel I can better answer questions in regard to my career aspirations. What would we do without public relations? Absolutely nothing.


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