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A Week in the Life…the TWITTER Experience

Posted in Uncategorized by meshae on February 3, 2009

Twitter? What is that? That’s exactly what ran through my head as I sat in Barbara Nixon’s Intro to PR class on the first day. I am a junior Public Relations major at Georgia Southern University and up until that moment, I had never heard of “Twitter.”

In regards to being a student, I’d say I’m very conventional…you know, by the book, from the book. So when Professor Nixon started explaining “Twitter,” I must admit I was extremely skeptical. And then when she assigned us a week’s worth of “tweeting,” I just knew this was going to be a disaster. But that was then, this is NOW! I’ve actually enjoyed the Twitter experience and am excited about exploring it more. Each day, I learn something new about this field and I’m so glad I’m pursuing it.

Prior to really diving into Twitter, I couldn’t understand how, what I thought was a “Facebook for Businesspeople,” could benefit me as a college student. My excitement grew as Professor Nixon began to explain what Twitter really was and how it offers us as students so many opportunities.

I always understood the importance of networking and being open to new things, but I didn’t think a website could include both of those. Upon graduation, I intend to find a career in the sport industry, more specifically sport marketing. I am excited to know that professionals already doing what I plan to do, have accounts on Twitter.

It still amazes me how beneficial Twitter can be, not just to me as a Public Relations major, but anyone looking to build a professional network. I look forward to experiencing more in Twitter.


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  1. Great explanation, MeShae! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about our One Week of Twitter assignment. I’m glad that you see the power of Twitter for PR professionals.

  3. Natalia said,

    Hey, it’s true that you can find connections on Twitter. I found someone to help me with my MacBook stuff! How exciting! I’m glad you find Twitter useful! I love it myself!

  4. […] by Natalia on April 6, 2009 MeShae Hankerson had an interesting post on Twitter. Everyone should check out her […]

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